Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Love Style Polygamy

The discussion I’m having over on Facebook, was inspired by the values of polygamy as depicted by the HBO series, Big Love.

After getting caught up with this season, I wondered, why is it that consensual polygamy's illegal?

If a man has the means to support multiple families, why can’t he take multiple wives?

After a little bit of research, there really is no explanation other than the Mormons giving that up to have Utah become a state.

This is what I found, and totally agree with:

Polygamy being illegal, is an artifact from the days when the Mormons gave up (or agreed to give up) polygamy in exchange for becoming a state. It is out of their argument with what was then a largely Christian, and Protestant, country, and people were just plain envious of their special privilege in having more than ... Read Moreone wife.

So why, can’t a man/woman take multiple wives/husbands?

Because sadly, the laws were written when the US was a Christian government. That hasn’t been the case in many years, and some ‘older’ laws need to be re-written. What ever happened to keeping religion and the government separate?

Whether it’s consensual or not, men and women will, till the end of time, will take multiple partners. And believe it or not, if they all know about each other, its’ Polygamy: Whether you’re married or not.

Bigamy, having multiple wives/relationships and not letting the one know of the other one, is something I’m against. I’m also against the ‘cult’ type of polygamy where marriages are pre-arranged, or any religion that has pre-arranged marriages. The union of man and woman is something special that involves more than a woman’s ability to bear children. Love is required, and so is choice.

Let’s discuss…

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